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The Poets and the Assassin. A play by Reza Jalali

In modern Iran, through literature, poetry, film, and politics, the Iranian women continue to voice their grievances and demand change. Their search for identity in a society, which is ambiguous about the extent of the public role of its women, speaks to their refusal to conform to subjugation in the name of tradition, culture, and religion.

The play, The Poets and the Assassin, offers a historic and contemporary insight into the plight of women in Iran, a society shrouded in mystery, by challenging our assumption about a land that was once home to the powerful Persian Empire, and its women.

Iranian women, concealed under the traditional chador; the one-piece cloth covering their bodies they wear when in public, the moveable walls; invisible but seeing, anonymous but restless, and silenced but rebellious, have continued their fight for equity. A myth-buster, the play unveils the complex and contradictory plight of Iranian women caught in the battle of traditionalism and modernity while challenging our assumption about women in Iran and Islam.

Written by Reza Jalali, a writer, educator, and a Muslim Scholar, who has taught courses at the University of Southern Maine and Bangor Theological Seminary.

Tickets: $7 Adult / $5 LT member / Free for Youth 18 and under
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Mon, Apr 3 @ 7:30 pm

Lincoln Theater