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LCCT to Host Opening Night Animal Shelter Benefit

LCCT, the resident theater company at Damariscotta’s Lincoln Theater, is pleased that its opening night performance, Friday November 18 at 7:30 PM, of Kenny Finkle’s "Indoor/Outdoor,” will be a benefit for the Lincoln County Animal Shelter.  $2 of every ticket purchased for the first performance will go to support the shelter and its mission which is” to protect and save animals’ lives; to educate and advocate for their welfare; to provide exemplary shelter and veterinary care; to place adoptable companion animals in loving homes; and to enhance the bond between humans and animals.” To learn more about Lincoln County Animal Shelter, please visit their website at

Indoor/Outdoor is a show about communication, relationships, what you want, what you need, and what you have - but it's also, at the very same time, a comedy about a guy who finds himself in a therapy session with his cat.

In this sentimental comedy, a cat named Samantha (Nanette Fraser) has just started living with a guy named Shuman (Stephen Wallace) who she believes is her true love. At first everything seems to be going great. Samantha can't get enough of Shuman and he can't get enough of her. But soon she realizes that Shuman doesn't seem to understand her. Worse yet, Shuman doesn't always seem all that interested in trying to understand her. Things become truly problematic when one night Oscar (Joe Lugosch), a sexy alley cat shows up at the screen door. Suddenly Samantha begins to wonder whether she's an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. To make matters more complicated, a quirky aspiring cat therapist named Matilda (Jennifer True) inserts herself into the mix, thinking she can solve everyone's problems but only seems to make things worse. Eventually Samantha finds herself on a journey that leads her to discover what having a home and being loved really mean to her.

In the world of Indoor/Outdoor, the actors playing cats stand erect, walk and sit normally, and wear normal human clothing. These cats understand English.  That is, they fully understand everything human characters say to them. They're smart; they're complex; and they're funny; Although they occasionally do something particularly cat-like, the real factor which truly distinguishes these cats from people is that, although they think complex thoughts and say complex things, the only thing that the people in their lives can hear them say is "Meow."

Rehearsals have been underway for this "concert style” production in which minimal staging and props, a few costumes, sound effects and background slides provide the backdrop as the actors carry their scripts.  Tickets for this comedy are $10 for Adults, $8 for Lincoln Theater members and Youth 18 and under.  Please note that the play is not suitable for young children.  Performances are Friday November 18 at 7:30 PM, Saturday November 19 at 2 PM and 7:30 PM, and Sunday November 20 at 2 PM.Tickets are available through the Lincoln Theater office in Damariscotta during office hours (Tue-Fri 11 AM to 2 PM), or starting one hour before show time.  Additional information can be found by visiting the theater’s website,, or by calling 563-3424. Come enjoy experiencing the fact that, "In a purr-fect world, we’d see what is right in front of us.”

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