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Free - Celebrating the Silents: The Lost Battalion (1919)

Based on the experiences of soldiers in the American 77th Infantry Division, about 550 of whom were isolated and surrounded by the Germans during the Battle of the Argonne in World War I. The men suffered from thirst, hunger, and heavy losses, but refused to surrender. As more men were killed and captured, carrier pigeons became the only method of communicating with headquarters. Coming under friendly fire, the men were saved by a pigeon named Cher Ami, who was able to deliver a message to stop the barrage.

After five days, and several unsuccessful rescue attempts, the remaining men were finally rescued. Five participants received the Congressional Medal of Honor, and others received the Distinguished Service Cross. The fictional part of the story precedes and follows the battle scenes, showing the men in civilian life and in training, and the survivors coming home to their loved ones. The fictional characters also appear in the battle scenes along with some of the actual participants.

Running Time: 67 minutes. This is a free event.

Show Dates + Times
Fri, Jan 11 @ 2 pm

Lincoln Theater