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Arctic (PG-13)

The story focuses on a pilot whose plane crashed somewhere close to the North Pole. Through his routine, he wants to establish a connection with civilization. He clears his SOS sign, he catches fish and tries to charge a radio with the strength of his muscles. He spends every hour doing exactly what he planned, to increase the chances of being rescued. But then his survival routine changes due to another plane crash. A Thai woman survived it but she suffers from an ugly wound and is now sick. She can't leave the bed, she's barely conscious so he decides to save her by any means necessary....

Starring Mads Mikkelsen.

Running time: 1 hour, 38 minutes

Tickets: $8 Adult / $6 LT member and Youth 18 and under

Presented in partnership with Gifts at 136.
Show Dates + Times
Fri, Mar 22 @ 2 pm
Fri, Mar 22 @ 7 pm
Sat, Mar 23 @ 2 pm
Sat, Mar 23 @ 7 pm
Sun, Mar 24 @ 2 pm
Sun, Mar 24 @ 7 pm

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